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[vc_row][vc_column width= »1/1″][text_output]undasup2015Hello, let me introduce myself, my name is Karine Lydia Bergeron, I am the founder of Les Aventures Beach Bum Tribe, through my personal philosophy and my family background I am not considering the balance of body and mind without sports, good food and travel. For me, it is to transform what is usually seen as a constraint in an everyday pleasure. I love my Fusion Pilates classes, I am also conquered by Yoga, ocean and beach lover, adventurous and passionate entrepreneur, I decided to share my passion and designing a fitness, foodie and travel space that I hope will seduce you.
Les Aventures Beach Bum Tribe, offers several health and wellness services to promote, your balance as physically, mentally and emotionally. The multidisciplinary approach allows you to find what you are looking for and more health and wellness!
Oh and I’m the happy « human mom » of Souris my little Chihuahua Jack Russel![/text_output][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column width= »1/1″][accordion][accordion_item title= »Life style BBTA »]Les Aventures Beach Bum Tribe is not just a Pilates and Yoga space offering classes and other fun and healthy activities – it’s also a lifestyle. I offer services that encompass many areas of fitness, including yoga, Pilates, Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) and surfing.
Les Aventures Beach Bum Tribe is also proud to represent sportswear, natural beauty and sunscreen products made by likeminded companies : Lolë Women’s practical and feminine clothes for an active lifestyle; swimwear by Colombian company SAHA that is a combination of comfort and fashion; Karine Lydia is delighted to represent the world’s first Marine Positive certified sunscreen, Sovée by London-based Aethic; and new this summer I will be one of the ambassadeur of a relaie cool company that build awesome Stand Up Paddle boards 100% made in Montreal – Unda Sup!
I am very proud and happy to be the first ambassador for the Quebec Company Aromathérapie VIVIA specialist in aromatherapy products and of course all natural and bio!
I love Sanük Canada, and you will discover the awesome teas of the house of teas Camellia Sinensis![/accordion_item][accordion_item title= »Photography – Design – Logo – Advertising »]Photography
My articles, my style, my photos are changing over my inspirations, my activities and my travels …
I realize all the articles and photos that you find on my blog, unless the photo credit, or other author is mentioned. Thus the pictures belong to me and any reproduction or publication without my permission is prohibited.
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The logo Adventures Beach Bum Tribe / Beach Bum Tribe Adventures has been created by Marie-Josée Desjardins / Desjardins Graphic Design Inc.
This blog was created to discover the marks and the places I like. You will not find articles intentionally negative (if I have a few criticisms to make, I will write my articles objectively). I do not do hidden advertising, I just talking about brands / places / restaurants / shops / products / etc that I like and I love. If one lends me or gives me a product or invites me to a place I will mention very clearly and consistently in my articles.
Sponsored articles
If there are sponsored articles, they will always indicated by a mention of this at the end of the article / or in the article.
Exemple for ETSY and other selections they contain affiliate links.[/accordion_item][accordion_item title= »Trip advisor affiliate »]Karine Lydia Bergeron / Les Aventures Beach Bum Tribe Adventures
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